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Family friendly pub in / near Cardiff?

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dreamingoaholiday · 04/06/2023 12:41

I'm looking for a pub with outside space that would be good for a special family gathering.

The age range is 8 months to 80+! Lots of primary aged kids and elderly people, so somewhere with outside space for the kids and not too many stairs for the oldies would be great.

It doesn't have to be a pub, even - anywhere in or near Cardiff where people can come and go at different times would be great.

I'd love any suggestions.

Thanks :)

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Bamaluz · 04/06/2023 13:39

My first thought was the Yy Mawr too.

dreamingoaholiday · 05/06/2023 20:15

Some great suggestions to follow up here, thank you Flowers

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