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Good Welsh programs for kids (+ Glasi Wyn/Llion/Bliwy/Welsh Bluey conundrum)

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Bliwy · 31/05/2023 16:23

Does anyone know some good programs in Welsh for a toddler?

Additionally, I had heard that there was a Welsh dub of Bluey (called Glasi Wyn, Llion, or Bliwy, depending on who you ask). I think the little one would really enjoy watching Bluey in Welsh, does anyone know where to find Welsh dubbed episodes of Bluey?

OP posts:
fr4zzledmum · 04/09/2023 15:35

I think the Welsh Bluey is fan made and not produced as such - possibly on YouTube? (Correct me if I'm wrong though)

S4C have Cyw, which is the kids section of the channel and has lots of Welsh cartoons and programmes.

You can also find some Welsh versions of kids programmes through the BBC iPlayer app - I know Fireman Sam and Bing are in Welsh, and am sure there's a few more.

Q2C4 · 04/09/2023 16:13

There are some Wallace & Gromit short films in Welsh on iplayer.

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