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Covid booster

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Stealhsquirrelnutkin · 11/11/2021 17:41

Just wondering if anyone in Wales has been called for their covid booster yet? People in England are allowed to book five months after their second jab, and most seem to be getting the booster 6 months and one week after the date of their second vaccination.

I have tried to find an online booking site for Wales, but so far have only been told to check with my local health authority. I found an e-mail address for their booster vaccination unit, and contacted them last week, but have not had any response.

At the end of next week it will be 6 months since my second injection. I am really keen to get the booster, since all my vaccine antibodies have already disappeared. (did a vaccine antibody test last week that came back negative - no discernible antibodies) and I have a plethora of "underlying health conditions" that narrow my odds of surviving covid dramatically.

OP posts:

thevassal · 12/11/2021 08:43

Yeah I find it weird how they are not mentioning anything....according to here
They are only boosting priority groups at the moment on the basis that younger adults didn't have their second jab until towards the end of the summer....well I'm 30 and had mine in June so coming up to 5 months already and obviously people in their 40s and 50s had theirs before me so they really need to start thinking about it!

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