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Happy Welsh Rarebit Day!

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Stealhsquirrelnutkin · 03/09/2021 12:12

As if any excuse was needed to indulge in some very tasty cheese on toast.
What's your favourite recipe? Do you add an egg? I'm sure I used to have a recipe that included an egg along with the cheese, beer, Worcestershire sauce and mustard, but I seem to have lost it.

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GCAcademic · 03/09/2021 12:19

I'm not Welsh, so what do I know, but I use Pru Leith's recipe from her Cookery Bible, and that has all the ingredients you mention. There's a video on YouTube:
(the Worcestershire sauce comes at the end!)


FreezerBird · 03/09/2021 12:20

If you add an egg it's Buck Rarebit, I think.


ThePotatoCroquette · 03/09/2021 12:25

There can be egg in the cheese mixture with Welsh rarebit but if you add a separate egg it's buck rarebit


Stealhsquirrelnutkin · 07/09/2021 14:29

Half a beaten egg? I wonder what she does with the other half? Why not make double the cheese mix and save half in the fridge? I thought you were supposed to melt the cheese mixture firsts and then pour it over the toast?

I found a recipe that said to melt the cheese, seasonings and beer and then take it off the heat and mix in the beaten egg before spreading it on the toast.

I think I'm going to have to experiment with different recipes and find out which is the lovely one that I remember from years ago.

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