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thehurtingheart · 29/08/2023 08:24

Hi folks, we have been trying to start our family for two years and in this time have had 4 miscarriages. As part of the investigations into this we found out that I am a carrier for a genetic disease which has a one in four chance of being passed on. We also found out that I have PCOS, hypothyroidism and an immune reaction to pregnancy. I am now being treated for these but have not fallen pregnant again yet.

In a dream world I would use IVF and PGT to have a baby of our own but unfortunately the costs of this are prohibitive, especially with our miscarriage history. Access fertility seemed like a good option to support financially but they don't cover PGT as part of this. They do seem to cover use of donor eggs though which has now led me to considering this.

I am really looking to hear others experiences of going down the egg donor route... particularly if you were in a similar situation!

Thanks for reading!

OP posts:
user1473271491 · 03/02/2024 20:32

Hello I wanted some help with donor egg thanks

user1473271491 · 03/02/2024 20:35

Hello ... do your grand kids which are donor share resemblance to the mother

user1473271491 · 03/02/2024 20:38

Hello i am considering d egg for secondary infertility

Britinme · 05/02/2024 14:42

My grandkids who were the result of both egg and sperm donation (both parents have fertility issues) don’t resemble their mother at all, but weirdly look a lot like their father’s (totally unrelated) family.

JadeandGreen · 29/02/2024 23:35

Has anyone used TFP GCRM Fertility in Glasgow? If so, can you tell me how much it cost roughly for egg donation with DH's sperm and how long the waiting list was?

Would really appreciate any information. Thanks.

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