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DE child looking like your natural child

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AAK1980 · 26/08/2023 08:35


For those who have a natural child and then went on to have a DE child - how alike do they look?

Thanks ๐Ÿ˜Š

OP posts:
LemonDrizzle44 · 26/08/2023 18:48

I have a friend who has 1 naturally conceived child and 1 DE child. If they hadn't have told me I would never have guessed. The children look very similar!

blacksnow · 04/09/2023 21:02

Hi, I cannot help with personal experiences but in this article Professor Alan Thornhill explains why the baby will look like you, or maybe they wonโ€™t in case you are undergoing IVF DE. I recommend reading - a detailed piece that includes all you need to know if you are planning undergoing IVF DE. Hope this helps.

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