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6th cycle of IVF failed :(

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MayoGoesWithEverything · 02/08/2023 11:05

Hi Folks,

I found out this morning that my 6th cycle of IVF failed... pretty devastated. I used donor for both eggs & sperm this time around (I'm doing this solo) and hoped this would yield success, instead of using my own eggs. At this point I've spent my savings, doing this privately. I'm 41 and desperate to become a mother... I feel it's time to start considering/ moving forward with adoption... any advice appreciated.

Thanks x

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Hodgewell1 · 02/08/2023 11:12

I didn’t want to read and run. Firstly, I’m so sorry for your losses. Failed ivf cycles are brutal so give yourself space to heal a little and I recommend some counselling with a specialist fertility counsellor as you are doing this solo and deserve to be supported.

With adoption, which is something I strongly considered although my DH didn’t want it, where I got to was that I had nothing to lose from engaging with the process, learning more and then seeing if it could be the right way forward for me.

Finally, one support link I can share which I think may help is Alice Rose’s fertility lift raft:

Fertility Mindset Support: The Fertility Life Raft

The Fertility Life Raft offers compassionate, comforting fertility mindset support and resources for women trying to bring home a baby.

LAURAPAX · 02/08/2023 23:07

I’m so so sorry @MayoGoesWithEverything I can’t imagine what you are going through. im quite new on the ivf journey so not loads of advice but have the clinic given more indication about the transfers? Is there anything you could change if you wanted to move forward? I agree with OP on exploring the process for adoption if this is something you feel is right for you but definitely take time to process your feelings. I hope you have people to support you too. Xxxx

Sorrento79 · 03/08/2023 21:14

Do you have any embryos left OP?

MayoGoesWithEverything · 03/08/2023 21:28

Appreciate the link references @Hodgewell1, will definitely take a look. I haven't used any of my clinic counselling sessions offered but maybe it's time I take them up on that... sorry to hear that you've had the same trouble x

Have to wait for my clinic's next available appt to better understand why they think I didn't have success @LAURAPAX @Sorrento79 afraid no embryos left... have 2 remaining sperm vials and reserved some more eggs but definitely feel I need a breather and to consider whether I even want to try again. 6 times has taken it out of me!

Thanks for all your support everyone x x

OP posts:
JW023 · 06/08/2023 19:35

Hi. So sorry to hear your news. I don’t particularly have any advice but I am similar, just found out our 5th ivf has failed (have a husband but this last round was with a sperm donor). So difficult to know what to do next. I don’t think I can cope with any more ivf. We are now considering adopting but it terrifies me a bit!
Good luck! X

MayoGoesWithEverything · 06/08/2023 19:42

@JW023 so sorry to hear that you've experienced that, it's so crushing isn't it, that moment when you find out it hasn't worked... totally know how you feel. Really hope you're ok, and good luck with what you decide to do next x x

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PinkGold · 06/08/2023 23:29

Sorry to hear about your difficult journey @MayoGoesWithEverything
You said you used donor eggs and sperm so I wonder if when you've had time to think embryo adoption might be a possibility for you as you're not waiting to see how many embryos you get.
Sympathy to @JW023 too, it's a horrible experience.

MayoGoesWithEverything · 07/08/2023 13:58

@PinkGold oh wow, that's not something I'd considered... you're right, that's part of the process that's so hard - would take a lot of the stress out if I considered that. Really thinking about whether I feel it's worth having another attempt....

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