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DadNetToBe · 14/03/2023 22:37

Hi. My partner (age 40) and I have had 5 failed cycles. We had quality embryos/blastocycts most cycles but couldn't achieve pregnancy. Did PGT-a testing and how heading for egg donation. I'd be keen to hear from people who had a similar experience, went towards egg donation, and are now getting a clearly greater number (or higher quality) embryos/blastocysts. Is it true? Has egg donation noticeably improved the situation? So much as reaching pregnancy? Which banks are you using? Which clinics? Would also be interested in comments from those where it has not helped? Many thanks.

OP posts:
joles12 · 30/03/2023 21:51

i had great egg retrieval and implantation of embryos but never achieved a sustainable pregnancy. We did donor egg and I now have 2 amazing DC.
we used ivig post implantation to support the pregnancy. We did ours through London Bridge clinic in Ukraine

Midlifebaby · 07/04/2023 23:28

Hi, we used the London Womens clinic (Harley st) and London egg bank. Little one (3rd try, second set of eggs) is about to turn 3 and is the light of my life And the spitting image of me!!! X

LAURAPAX · 31/07/2023 16:05

How are you getting on OP? I am looking into DE after multiple miscarriages. Hope everything is working out for you and Partner xx

MellowPlayer · 21/02/2024 13:45

Check stories from women and couples who have been in a similar situation of having  failed cycles and decided to use donor eggs

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