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LWC Darlington

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Hopewishprayer · 08/12/2022 16:57

I am considering using this clinic for DE ICSI and would be interested to hear of any experiences please?
or is there another clinic in Uk that doesn’t have a long wait time I should be considering?

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NotMyDayJob · 10/12/2022 22:55

I had treatment in Darlington last year, time from first appointment to transfer was less than two months, I bought my eggs during that time too. First transfer worked, baby born earlier this year. We have embryos in the freezer but will probably donate them. I know if several other women who have been successful via Darlington with donor eggs.

There are some egg donor groups on Facebook worth joining if you have it

Hopewishprayer · 11/12/2022 14:12

@NotMyDayJob thank you for the positive info! And congratulations to you 💕

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Hopewishprayer · 11/12/2022 14:14

@NotMyDayJob which groups on Facebook please? X

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NotMyDayJob · 11/12/2022 14:20

There's UK IVF egg Donors and recipients, IVF/ DEIVF for the Over 40s UK (if appropriate) and also LWC Social which is for those having treatment via the London women's clinic.

I'm not specifically endorsing them, but they've been helpful

Hopewishprayer · 11/12/2022 14:52

@NotMyDayJob thank you x

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