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Did You do P-IGT on Your Donor Eggs?

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Kleintje · 25/09/2022 21:07

At almost 45, and after 2 failed rounds of IVF and 2 failed natural pregnancies (t21 MC and chemical), I am reluctantly coming to terms with the fact that my only option is now donor eggs. I'm very, very sad, angry and overwhelmed but I need to keep the momentum going.

I am talking with Tambre in Spain and am trying to get my head around all the options.

I am wondering whether to do the P-IGT on the donor eggs - those in the same position, have you done it or will you do it? Why, why not.

I know that genetic mutations can happen at any age, but the reason donors are under 32 is to reduce that possibility. I'm not opposed to doing it, but it pushes up the cost....just wondering what others have done.

OP posts:
Kleintje · 25/09/2022 21:07

P-IGT - pre implant genetic testing :)

OP posts:
Carajillo · 26/09/2022 10:33

I completely understand where you are, but I would urge you to take a minute to think about choosing Spain where donors are completely anonymous with no information on their donor. I have 16 year old twins via embryo donation in Spain when I was 46 and my choice has negatively affected them.

Just to let you know that there are other countries apart from the UK that offer ID release at 18 donors, e.g. Portugal, Denmark, Sweden, Denmark. I would also say that having a look at the Donor Conception Network website could be of benefit as they have a helpline and can put you in touch with others who have been where you are now.

In terms of testing embryos, it is up to you and I would take advice from whichever clinic you choose. PGS testing doesn't increase live birth rates but may reduce miscarriage. I you have anything wrong apart from age, then donor egg will not fix that chance of miscarriage so you may want to do a few tests to eliminate common miscarriage causes before you cycle.

Always happy to discuss if you wish.

C x

Kleintje · 26/09/2022 14:10

Thanks for your comment: anonymous donation is not an issue for me. I did IVF in Portugal and because of the horrendous experience I had here, I would not consider doing donation here. Plus my OH is Portuguese and I do not want a 100% Portuguese child.

I am interested to understand more though, what issues your kids are having.

There's nothing wrong with me except my age - fortunately or unfortunately depending how you look at it! I understand that PIGT does not impact live birth rates but if I can speed up the process by eliminating blastocytes that are not viable then that's my main motivation really...I do not want to be in the position again where I have to make a choice to terminate because of chromosomal disorders (nature took the decision itself in the end) but I am also wary that the process of testing can destroy the blastos and that there is a large degree of false positives.

OP posts:
Carajillo · 26/09/2022 17:21

Sounds like you have good reasons for Portugal and for doing PGS for belt and braces and I can understand that as someone who had 6 miscarriages with own egg and donor eggs sadly.

My children would have liked a donor who was ID release at 18 and have wanted a dad at times. They only have age and blood group of their donors and really wanted more information on them. My daughter has done 2 DNA tests in the hope of finding siblings or donors but no luck. However, she had found out her ethnicity is half Spanish and half Russian/Eastern European which fits because Spanish clinic us a lot of Eastern European workers to donate eggs and Spanish sperm donors.

C x

Zankiu · 06/10/2022 17:19

I had DE treatment in Spain (with DH's sperm) and did not do any further testing on the embryos. We did pay for extra generic testing on the sperm.
We are in the process of going back for a sibling.

I would say @Carajillo raises an important point too about anonymity, and would recommend that you and your OH access a (private) session, I think known as implications counselling. You would have this if you were with a UK clinic and can get it via a counsellor experienced in this area. It's not compulsory in Spain but it is useful just to explore your own thoughts, and maybe process some of the grief accumulated on your difficult journey. Cultural attitudes to donor conception are different in Spain than in the UK.

Tryingat47 · 30/11/2022 09:12

My clinic suggested testing is not necessary as the donor is of the age where genetic anomalies are still low. However it’s totally your choice.

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