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Kamiros · 02/05/2022 10:10

Hi. We've just started the process of a donor round with IVF Spain. We chose this route as I have very low amh and have had 3 failed rounds with my own eggs - only got 2 eggs out of 3 cycles. Our clinic has a collaboration service with them so seemed an obvious choice.

We've been speaking with them for about 3 weeks and are in our mock cycle. However twice now they've given very unclear instructions on a Friday afternoon then disappeared for the weekend. First this led to me not having the medication I needed on time, ovulating and having to get new dates and this time I've done the wrong thing with my meds due to 2 different sets of instruction. It's led to a lot of stress and I'm not sure I want to continue now. DH thinks I'm overreacting and there will always be a bit of this early on. Just wondering if anyone has had positive experiences they can share to reassure me. Sorry for the long post.

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IsabelHerna · 03/05/2022 11:41

I agree 100% with you, you're not overreacting.

IVF Spain is an amazing very prestigious clinic here, and I had just one cycle with them, but I had a bit of a communication problem myself. I went through fertility treatments as a single lady, and even though it was my decision to do this, I needed everyone involved (doctors, nurses, patient coordinators), to feel like they team! I know it sounds kinda silly, but it was important to me. Have you considered shopping around?

Kamiros · 03/05/2022 22:01

@isabelherna Thanks for replying. We're considering it just now. I'm on a waiting list here but I still have 18 months to go and don't really want to wait that long.

To use another clinic in Spain would cost significantly more as our clinic here would charge for each scan individually rather than the package deal we have now.

I think we are going to go out for the mock cycle to get the ERA and immunology testing done and see what feel we get from them then. If its not better then we might just have to find the extra money.

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jemimafuddleduck · 04/05/2022 22:48

We had 4 rounds with IVF Spain (signed up to their 5 embryo package).
I found their communication pretty rubbish although the care over there was excellent and the doctors were fantastic (especially Dr Pack!).
I did find the poor comms very stressful but towards the end I managed to separate what my expectations of them were (care, empathy, and basically a lot of hand holding), with what I actually needed to get the job done so to speak. I ended up seeing it as a cultural issue, which helped me process it.

Kamiros · 05/05/2022 04:45

@jemimafuddleduck Thank you - that's where my thoughts are just now. So glad to hear the care was good. For us there's just been a bit of learning about double checking everything with them, repeating things back to them.
I really want to keep going, I feel they're trying to get to the route of implantation issues which my last clinic didn't do. We've also signed up for 5 embryos, they recommended 3 but the cost difference for the extra 2 isn't significant.

OP posts:
jemimafuddleduck · 05/05/2022 06:04

Wishing you lots of luck!

jemimafuddleduck · 05/05/2022 06:04

Also happy to answer any questions you might have

MadameDragon · 05/05/2022 06:13

I don’t think you are overreacting. I had 4 rounds of ivf and never any misunderstanding. Each cycle they gave a calendar with the date and medication to be taken, there was no way to get it wrong.
What are they getting wrong, the quantities, timing, medication?
Can you ask for the information in a different format?
What do they say when you complain?
Is it the same person writing the contradictory information?
Ask for the emergency number, there should be someone always available.

Kamiros · 05/05/2022 07:49

@Madamedragon Yes we had that with our first clinic, clear calendar, phone calls or texts for the important ones like the trigger and never a mistake in 3 cycles. The first time they didn't check where I was in my cycle so didn't order or tell me to take decapeptyl/ prostap to prevent ovulation. After being on the proynova for about 8 days they told me last minute on a Friday to get it and then left. My clinic ordered it but couldn't actually get it until the Monday and it was too late, I'd ovulated. They then sent me 2 differing sets of instructions after taking the decapeptyl- the first said 5 days of pessaries and second said do nothing for 9 days. As soon as I got 2nd email I tried to clarify but again it was last thing Friday and nobody there. We went with most recent instructions which turned our to be wrong. It is the same woman who we are dealing with each time. The doctor called and apologised a lot. I'm still waiting on an emergency number. To be honest though my clinic here needs to start supporting me too as we've paid them to collaborate and they're supposed to give 24/7 advice, so far they've just not been up to date on what's happening with me so haven't been able to help.

Thanks @jemimafuddleduck At the moment Im going out next month for a biopsy and immunology testing, I'm a little nervous about that but hopefully be fine, then waiting to be matched with a donor- they've assured me that won't take long but we'll see.

OP posts:
MadameDragon · 05/05/2022 10:15

Definitely get back onto the original clinic then, that sounds bad from both. Ideally they would also keep medication like that in stock or have a route to get it the same day, I remember my clinic having cupboards full of all the drugs they used, but for the things I needed when I was pregnant there were also bigger pharmacies known to keep various things in stock.
Perhaps the Spanish clinic used a medication less commonly used in the UK and therefore not on hand? In this case the two clinics should be talking to each other about what is likely to be used sonit can be obtained or substituted.

Kelb79 · 11/06/2022 12:32

@Kamiros Hey hey! 🤗

we’ve just started protocol with IVF Spain too - own eggs/PGT-A/frozen transfer (🙏🏼🙏🏼)

we’ve had a couple of mix ups with communication but it seems to be coming together now.

we actually went to Alicante for consultation last month - had bloods/scans, OH had sperm test (and left 2 vials there frozen as he won’t be able to go back with me easily), made a plan and got meds from pharmacy while there, sent home with (supposedly) everything we needed for primer/stims with calendar to follow.

pharmacy messed up and didn’t give us syringes for primer meds - I found out at the airport on way home and had to starts meds that evening when we got home!! HUGE stress!! Luck was on our side though and friends had just finished retrieval and had spare!!

the clinic responded quickly to everything but couldn’t really help much tbh

i was assigned my proper assistant this week and she’s been great, really good contact!
had another issue as we found out the pharmacy (again!!) had messed us up by telling us the stims needed to be kept in the freezer!!! We had no idea this was wrong, very new to this, so did what we were told!! 😩

HUGE panic again! But my assistant has been epic and figured it all out within 24hrs.

my feeling at the moment is that the clinic is fantastic BUT you need to be a bit more proactive with what you need from them. Otherwise they’ll pretty much leave you to it.

I was unsure about the meds and I should’ve asked for someone to run through everything with me so that I was confident.

im heading over to Alicante next month for retrieval (all being well 🙏🏼🙏🏼) feel free to PM me and keep in touch through your journey 👌🏼😘

Kamiros · 11/06/2022 12:45

@Kelb79 Thanks for your message. We ended up going out just 2 weeks ago. I had my biopsy and DH also left sperm there. Looks like I'm pre receptive so need a bit more progesterone but other than that they're very hopeful. I spoke with them and got a new assistant also, maybe the same one. She's been amazing and I'm actually really happy with the clinic and how things are going. My donor should be going for egg collection next week and all going well we'll also be going out next month so I'll definitely send you a message.

OP posts:
Kelb79 · 11/06/2022 14:05

@Kamiros ah that’s great news!! So pleased it’s come good for you! Any uncertainty on this journey can really push you over the edge! I found myself getting so anxious with both of our mix ups!!
when are you going over there? We may end up there at the same time 😁😁
I fly over on the 10th until the 17th 👌🏼

Kamiros · 11/06/2022 14:37

@Kelb79 Shorter trip for us but yes same time if all goes to plan- 11th-13th. How exciting.

OP posts:
Kelb79 · 11/06/2022 14:45

Thats crazy!! 🤣
hopefully I’ll see you there!!! I’m booked at Hotel Maya 😁😁

Kamiros · 12/06/2022 08:45

@Kelb79 We're staying at the Spa Porta Maris this time. We were out at the Boutique Calas before which is nearer the clinic but actually not near much else, and not so near the clinic as to be helpful. The Maris is actually a little out of budget for us but its only 2 nights and we wanted to be as relaxed as possible for transfer- with what we've spent we figured stressing about another £200 was daft. I'll send you a PM today.

OP posts:
Eiremogra · 06/07/2022 13:42

Hi all, I’m not sure if this is the correct tread to post my question - please redirect me if that’s the case. My partner and I have a consultation with GCRM this month with the aim of taking the DE route. As we are both older (early 40’s) we will be looking at using a clinic abroad and GCRM are affiliated with IVF Spain. This might sound like a daft question (bare with me!) - GCRM are keen to do full medical investigations (these were all done last year as part of our first round of IVF with Ninewells) and a consultation. But I’m wondering if we could save time/money by going directly to IVF Spain? All required investigations would be done at a satellite clinic nearby so what is the advantage of going with GCRM only to then go on to get treatment with IVF Spain anyway? Help! We’ve looked at so many clinics abroad,my head is mince!!

WorkEventing · 06/07/2022 14:04

I can’t answer your specific question but during 4 rounds of IVF I was always told that after 6 months all tests need redoing. So if your tests are from last year that may be why.

Eiremogra · 06/07/2022 15:13

Thanks @WorkEventing , I guess I’m debating if going straight to IVF Spain would save time/money rather than using GCRM as the ‘middleman’ 🤷‍♀️

Kamiros · 06/07/2022 15:27

@Eiremogra I'll send you a PM with our experiences

OP posts:
Kelb79 · 07/07/2022 11:28

@Eiremogra I’m currently on 5th day of stims for own egg IVF/PGT-A with IVF Spain Alicante.
we went straight over for a full, in person consultation. It cost $200 for the basic consult and then we paid a further €800 for extra recommended tests on the day. It was a full work up and we left with a complete plan for immediate start. They wrote up a prescription for the meds which we picked up from a pharmacy around the corner while we were there.
we could’ve done everything by satellite but tbh I felt more comfortable going over and seeing the clinic and meeting the team I’d be working with.
they have hotel collabs with really good rates and organise everything for you so it’s a nice little break at the same time 😉
i sent the first enquiry email on 30th April, had the consult on 24th May, decided to not start immediately as I wanted a cooling off period (but could have started one cycle sooner there and then), did a primer cycle last month with stims now, retrieved next week. Super quick and efficient 👌🏼
Here if you’ve got any questions at all 👌🏼

Eiremogra · 11/07/2022 21:53

Thanks @Kelb79 . Does anyone know anything about ‘implications’ counselling? I’m know in the UK when taking the DE route it is an essential part of the decision making…I’m guessing if we approach a foreign clinic directly then this more than likely wouldn’t be offered? Has anyone had implications counselling and could offer any insight?xx

mommynette · 12/07/2022 16:09

@Eiremogra Isn't counselling optional? I never knew it was compulsory. I was given a number to call if I wanted to but they never forced me or anything. I don't know about "implications counselling" specifically, maybe the HFEA in the UK might know. I don't know how IVF is in Spain, maybe they have a different fertilisation authority.

Kamiros · 12/07/2022 16:57

@eiremogra It's never been mentioned to me here. I did have a session included with my GCRM package but what we spoke about was led by me. You can book the woman GCRM use separately too, its actually cheaper to book her direct.

OP posts:
Eiremogra · 12/07/2022 22:38

Thanks so much for your advice ladies! I’m currently looking at a few clinics (wish I didn’t email so many!!!). What questions are essential for me to ask at the first Skype/zoom consultation?! I have so many questions it’s making me panic and I really need to focus! Any advice?xxx

mommynette · 13/07/2022 14:37

Eiremogra · 12/07/2022 22:38

Thanks so much for your advice ladies! I’m currently looking at a few clinics (wish I didn’t email so many!!!). What questions are essential for me to ask at the first Skype/zoom consultation?! I have so many questions it’s making me panic and I really need to focus! Any advice?xxx

With IVF, I remember they give medications so maybe ask which medications you might be on? Ask any side effects? Possibly they might give progesterone pessaries after embryo transfer, but every clinic is different so it's best to check how the clinic does their procedure. Also with IVF, have lots of rest just after embryo transfer, try to relax as much as you can. Also, double check the list of tests/procedures/meds to make sure they are not cheating you, only do what you require, possibly ignore add-ons but you can still add them if you wish.

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