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Prostap depot injection administration

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Tintoverano · 23/02/2022 22:58

Hi, about to start donor egg IVF abroad. My mock cycle is next month, then actual cycle in April. For the mock cycle, I have to have a prostap depot injection (to prevent my ovulation). The treatment plan from the clinic says this must be administered by a trained professional...but I'm wondering how I would go about arranging this? Could my husband do it (as long as he followed the instructions), or would I need to book an appointment with a nurse etc. If so, do you think I could book a nurse via my GP surgery? Not sure they would administer an injection for a private patient having treatment abroad??! How have others managed this?? Thanks in advance.

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Lauren83 · 24/02/2022 10:28

I doubt the GP surgery would administer something they hadn't prescribed, I administered mine myself

Zankiu · 24/02/2022 10:39

I paid a private GP.
I had the option of buying the actual injection with my other IVF medication or getting the privare GP to prescribe it.
I got the injection with my other IVF medication, I think it was about £90, and about the same again for the private GP to administer it. I did lots of injections myself for IVF but the clinic made a big deal of how that one needed to be done by a medical professional as it was an intramuscular injection, and I was spending so much anyway on the cycle it was a drop in the IVF ocean! I probably could have done it myself, especially as the GP kept saying she thought it should go in my abdomen when the clinic had said it needed to be on my arm.

Tintoverano · 24/02/2022 10:46

Great, thanks both. I have done many injections myself, but when I did my last (own egg) IVF, the 'big' injection was done at the clinic as I was there for scans anyway. I think my husband could do it if he followed instructions/watched a video! The clinic are saying we can't do it ourselves...I've bought the prescription from Fertility2U and no option to pay for injection administration. However, I've just checked my diary and if my period arrives when it should, we will be in Spain (holiday) anyway, so I could go to the clinic and get it done there......But thanks for the suggestions and reassuring me. Much appreciated!

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IsabelHerna · 28/02/2022 09:18

I would book an app with a nurse in a private gp surgery

HomeHope · 15/03/2022 16:36

How is your cycle going?

Tintoverano · 15/03/2022 17:25

@HomeHope not started yet..should get my period in the next few days (probably Friday) so the mock cycle starts then

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