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Is there any point in trying IUI over 37? Straight to IVF?

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BowlofRamen · 24/01/2022 14:54


Just that really. Visited a clinic a couple of years ago at 35 and was advised to give IUI a try, given my fertility results were good. Then covid and so it was all put on ice. Tbh we're still not sure we want to take it off ice, but dp and I were talking about it again recently. I'm worried at 37 (38 not too far round the corner) I may have missed the IUI boat.

Would be great to hear your thoughts and experiences. Anyone had IUI successful in their late 30's?


OP posts:
NorthSouthcatlady · 25/01/2022 15:44

I wouldn’t bother. My fiancé’s idiot GP suggested IUI but we discounted it immediately due to our ages 38 (me) and 36 (him). We thought getting straight into IVF was a better use of our time

Zibidee · 03/02/2022 12:48

I was 39 when I first saw a fertility consultant and she suggested 2 rounds of iui before trying IVF. But then when we got to the purchasing point, the second consultant said he wouldn't bother with iui and go straight to IVF.
Now 6months pregnant after first fresh IVF transfer.
So who knows what iui would bring but I'm glad we just got on with it, I felt I was wasting time as the months towards age 40 went on!

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