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Dbop100 · 04/01/2022 23:07

Hi 👋

Has anyone used Care Fertility London's Donor Egg Bank? It's seemingly more expensive than say the London Egg Bank and about £500 just to look at the list of Donors. Just wondering if it's worth it?

We want to ideally go with a UK donor with frozen eggs.

Any experiences would be so appreciated x

OP posts:
Vslightlystressy · 06/01/2022 12:17

I have used the London Egg Bank - really good and helpful - they will compare your picture to those of donors if you want to get a good visual fit...

Shroedy · 07/01/2022 11:12

£500 even just to have a look seems like taking advantage to me. If you haven't already, I'd at least be asking them for some general information about the number of donors they have, how often they get new donors and whether they have many with any characteristics you're particularly focussed on. We ultimately ended up going to Spain as we had been repeatedly let down by clinics and donors and Covid was not helping with the donor pipeline so I'd want some comfort they had a good chance of having something for me before handing any money over.

tikha · 16/01/2022 09:35

London egg bank worked for us and doesn't cost 500 to have a look

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