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3 failed donor FETs - broken

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Angliski · 28/11/2021 21:52

I’ve just had our third unsuccessful transfer of a third 5 day hatching blast. Three tries on 6 months to give ds a sibling. Feel broke and furious and sad and bitter and vulnerable. There must be something profoundly wrong with me and my body. Any advice?

OP posts:
BeauxHeaux · 04/12/2021 17:05

Sorry to hear this. I assume all eggs were from the same donor? Do you have any left? Just wondering if it would be worth having the remaining ones, if any, PGS tested as you have successfully carried a pregnancy to term previously.

greendress789 · 12/12/2021 20:38

I'm so sorry.

Have you had your immunes tested? It could be an implantation issue.

Everhopeful41 · 30/12/2021 22:15

Did you PGS test the blastocysts? Sending you a hug. It must be so hard x

Angliski · 28/01/2022 08:17

@BeauxHeaux yes they were. They refused PGS testing because they said the age of the donor makes it less relevant?? I did ask... I'm a bit fed up with my clinic tbh, as i had a successful pregnancy with them they won't review anything. But i explained i am 3 years older, had a c section, you could at least take my bloods and do some tests before we throw the last ones back in...
@greendress789 this is the next stage. I had a consult with a Dr in the USA who has been doing IVF since 1987. He said it was either a lining issue ( he say 9mm minimum, mine have been 7 or so - btw he recommends diluted viagra to sort this!!!), or my uterine lining - which i can have a saline scan for or immunes, which i am having blood tested for. I just appreciate a little rigour, you know???@Everhopeful41

OP posts:
BritInAus · 28/01/2022 08:23

So sorry to hear. Fertility treatment is awful. Would you consider a second opinion?

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