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Low AMH Short Protocol any success stories out there?

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Lotti81 · 03/11/2021 21:54

Hi everyone, I just wanted to update where I was and see if anyone had success stories....

So I'm on the short protocol, I'm guessing due to my low AMH. I'm on my second day of Menopur....6 ampules a day......hopefully I'm not messing up the injections...

When they last looked at my ovaries I only had 3 follicles in one and 2 in the other. This was pre menopur.

Keep on reading advice to eat a lot of protein and diary! Which I'm trying to fit in as much healthy food as I can.....

Are there success stories out there with low AMH on the short's so hard not to pray this works but it feels a bit hopeless...... x

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