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Egg retrieval trauma

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Zibidee · 26/08/2021 16:07

I wondered if anyone else has had a negative experience during and after egg retrieval.
Everything I read is about OHSS which wasn't an issue for me, instead I feel very traumatised by the procedure and the significant pain for the few days after.
Just to paint a picture, the clinic was running late, I was waiting 2hrs in a cold cubicle and then there was a sudden hive of activity, use the loo and swift goodbye to my wife. The anaesthetist had popped in and looked very surprised to see two women and then seemed flustered, plus he had a very strong accent so I couldn't understand a lot of his questions.
He was the first person I saw in theatre when I was quickly told to undo the back of my gown and get my feet into stirrups. Then a nurse said, hold on, she hasn't done all the paperwork yet, cue legs out of stirrups and answering questions about our sperm donor. Then back in stirrups and weird anaesthetist barking instructions at me to get my hand ready for cannula at the same time as nurse was putting on oxygen mask and doctor moving my spread legs around in stirrups.
10 seconds later a fog came over and I was asleep.
I awoke feeling very scared, in floods of tears and in agony.
The pain lasted two days, crying every time I had a wee, not being able to move without wincing. And this was apparently because my right ovary was high and they had to manipulate it down with lots of pressure. My pelvic floor felt like it had been in a punch up!
Has anyone else experienced this? The nurses made me feel I was making a fuss of nothing but I feel traumatised. Any advice?

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