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Anyone dtd 3/2 days before ovulation and fell pregnant?

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jessdarhen · 10/08/2021 11:41

Good morning ladies, I need to hear some good stories!

I've been TTC my third baby for the last 16 months, I had a neg opk Saturday morning and a peak positive and static smiley on sat evening at 5:30pm, so I managed to insem that evening about 9pm, I also had ALOT of ewcm all of Saturday! Sunday I had another super dark cheapie opk, and Monday was going down and today it's even lighter! My question is when did I probably ovulate? My ewcm has gone and neg opk but I have ov pains? If I'm ovulating today could the swimmers still have a chance? Anyone conceived from having swimmers up there 3/2 days before ovulation :)

Thank you SmileSmile

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