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Double embryo transfer - DE

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GreyGoose1980 · 07/05/2021 07:45

Hi all

I am currently doing DE ivf. We have MF issues and also appear to potentially have implantation issues.

We are on our first round of DE after multiple failed OE transfers and have remaining embryos (with DE and partners sperm). Due to the issues we have if this next round doesn’t work, we’d like to move to one final round using both sperm and egg donor.

For this reason to save time, money and emotional stress we’d like to do double embryo transfer with our remaining embryos from this cycle (this will be my ninth transfer including double embryo with my OE). However my clinic are saying they don’t do double embryo transfer with DE? Has anyone been told this by their clinic and been able to persuade them to transfer two. Has anyone done double embryo transfer with DE in the UK?
Thanks in advance.

OP posts:
Eggcellent29 · 07/05/2021 09:40


My first round of DE IVF was a double transfer and I am UK based, so I’m not sure why your clinic have said this....I can only assume that they make a professional judgement based on your personal circumstances, but that is a total guess!

I was rather surprised at the time to be honest, as I was under the impression that they would only do a single transfer as I was under 30.

Who knows! Is there someone at the clinic that you have a good relationship with that you could speak to?

GreyGoose1980 · 07/05/2021 14:58

Thanks for sharing your experience @Eggcellent29
It took me by surprise. I get on well with both consultants but they are just saying they don’t do double for DE and are very firm in the opinion. We will ask again. In my last clinic they advised clearly on potential risks but let me go ahead due to me being late thirties at the time and our MF issues followed by our subsequent failed transfers.

OP posts:
EL8888 · 07/05/2021 16:57

My clinic won’t if you have had a caesarean or other major stomach surgery. But if not then l don’t understand why and surely they should have a rationale they can share. Bless, maybe they think their product is infallible Hmm. As some one who has just done a double transfer with donor egg and own sperm but they both failed then l think they’re unreasonable

GreyGoose1980 · 07/05/2021 20:31

Thanks for the advice @EL8888 and sorry your transfer didn’t work 💐
I agree! I felt it was almost comical as we are talking about my ninth failed transfer! We’ll speak with them again.

OP posts:
EL8888 · 07/05/2021 21:16

It’s farcical now but they were lecturing me about the perils and risks of twins (l know that thanks, being a qualified nurse and having lots of twins in the family!). Then the double transfers fails. You deserve more of an explanation, especially after 9 transfers

Zibidee · 01/07/2021 22:02

Our doctor, not someone I would recommend, said there is no addition chance of conception with two embryos than one. So it's better to two different attempts with one egg each. Plus as mentioned the risk to babies and your health of twins
But I don't like my doctor so who knows...

Angliski · 23/08/2021 21:46

My clinic wouldn’t do a double ( not in uk) they said their experience of late term miscarriages of twins had made it policy not to do it.

Zibidee · 23/08/2021 22:13

On further research of this, there is clear evidence that double transfer increases number of pregnancies but this is cancelled out by miscarriage of one or both babies and actually reduces numbers of live births.
They only allow it now in IVF for over 40s as the miscarriage rate of twins over 40 is much lower and risk of pre term birth is lower so overall better outcome of twins when over 40.

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