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12 DPO - no period

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amarks6 · 01/05/2021 12:33


My wife and I are trying for a baby using a known donor. We are doing AI and last month was the first month we began to try.

My wife is 1 day late on her period, she was due to come on yesterday but didn't. This morning still nothing. This is unusual because she is like clockwork and hasn't been late for over a year.

We tracked ovulation last month and ended up having 9 high fertility days before we hit peak. We used the donor a number of 6 times, so plenty of opportunities.

We think we are now 12 DPO. We tested this morning but we got BFN.

Just wondered if anyone else has experienced this


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Claireyoung250 · 14/05/2021 06:23

How did you get on? We are currently 11 days DPO with a negative. Due tomorrow, so slightly jumping the gun but I feel differently so not fully convinced it isn't yet, will test again in a few days. I have heard of others getting positives at day 13/14! Fingers crossed for you!

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