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Ladybug0390 · 26/12/2020 16:09

Hey all,

I am in a same sex couple and trying to make sense of all the information which is needed to make a baby as we’d like to start trying in the new year.
Anyone who’s used any of the above please can you share your experience? What clinics you used (if any), where you sourced your sperm and any advice you might have?
We’re finding it hard to find any information from people who have had these experiences.
I am looking to carry first and I don’t think I have any fertility issues but will have a chat with my doctor in the new year about doing more tests.

Thank you in advance to everyone who will reply :)


OP posts:
ODAAT260718 · 31/12/2020 18:28

Hi Ladybug. I am also in a same sex couple and will be starting my medication tomorrow. I was lucky that my partner had already gone through the process and has a son (after her first IUI treatment) so she knew a lot about it. We have used Complete Fertility and used their Donor bank (although my partner already had reserves from previous treatment). We are paying privately but I guess if you are looking for help with funding then your GP would be the first stop. The clinic has been really helpful with info and I believe there is a Facebook support group for each clinic. Good luck with your journey x

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