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Induction stories at 36-37 weeks please. Really nervous.

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Mmother17 · 14/10/2020 14:38

Hello, I'm due to be induced this Thursday or next Thursday (36-37 weeks) due to growth restriction and then fount that the PI on doppler was on the high side. So they are recommending induction.

My first was an induction, only took 2 hours to start off and then was in labour for only 7 hours. He was very comfy and was two weeks late, hence the induction. Maybe he needed a little kick start.

But this pregnancy has been all over the place since 20 weeks and for some reason I'm just so scared of induction not working and needing the hormone drip. I've heard they're intense! And I'm hoping to breastfeed, so im worried it wont work if he needs to go to NICU.

So I just want to hear your stories

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