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MissDolly1981 · 10/10/2020 20:15

Hi all,
I’m 39yrs, single and have given up looking for Mr Right, so am going it alone and starting the journey to have my baby.

I’ve had a fertility assessment and luckily have very good fertility levels. I was considering IUI/IVF but don’t want to put my body through that unnecessarily when all I need is a bit of a sperm!

Just wondering if anyone has any experience on online sperm donor sites likes co-parenting or co-parentingmatch? Would live to hear your experiences and hear what worked well for you. Thanks 😊

OP posts:
DallyD · 03/11/2020 14:03

Hi @MissDolly1981.
We have found an amazing donor but not ttc til new year. We found him on the app 'just a baby' also found various potential donors on a few private facebook sperm donor groups. Most donors state in their initial post what methods they use and if the want contact or not etc. Hope this helps.
(Also tried coparent and prideangel but didnt get much interest).

D x

thefishthatcouldwish · 07/11/2020 08:09

The good thing about sperm donor and ivf is ivf clinics will have screened donor and HFEA have their information on file.

Sorry not the yes toon you asked.

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