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Who will be TTC (donor conception) post-covid19 delay?

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dreamingdream · 18/04/2020 12:06

Waiting for this covid19 delay to be over so we can continue our TTC donor conception journeys...

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Leala20 · 19/04/2020 01:09

Hello! Me! We are going private as nhs will definitely take at least a year and now focusing on choosing a place either here or abroad so when all is open we can go ahead.

dreamingdream · 19/04/2020 11:35

@Leala20 fertility clinics must do something soon to help TTC'ers waiting for fertility treatment. Clinics cannot just leave us like this! It's heartbreaking.

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lillibeth86 · 21/04/2020 12:25

Hi there,
We are desperately waiting for our clinic (private) to open again. We had to postpone the treatment mid cycle due to covid...
I know it was the safest option but I am also heartbroken...

dreamingdream · 21/04/2020 15:39

@lillibeth86 yes it's heartbreaking. Hopefully things can resume in a few months time and if social distancing and face masks are still required then that might be okay. I honestly have no clue when appointments will resume. We just have to listen to any updates from our clinics.

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Leala20 · 21/04/2020 16:11

Hello ladies, I am sorry to hear. It’s so disheartening and even though we need to think about how to stress less this doesn’t help. I contacted LWC and they think they may open July, others mentioned post summer. We haven’t started the process yet, want to use the time now to choose the one we will go with and am in two minds between local and international. Could you share your experience?

lillibeth86 · 22/04/2020 09:48

@leala20 the clinic we chose was our local clinic. They have an excellent reputation and have been recommended to us.
They have been nothing but great.
We had quite a few appointments there so I don't know how that would work with an international clinic.
We have never looked into going international so I can't say anything about the difference of costs, I'm afraid.

Leala20 · 24/04/2020 09:03

Thank you @lillibeth86
I am looking into LWC and Create as these are the only ones I know better. I recently watched a Reprofit (Czech) online presentation and they mentioned in order to really ensure success and get 2 top quality embryos they would advise 8-12 eggs min ( fresh). In the uk I see 6 are min and mostly frozen so I am confused now as it’s very expensive if we need to double the treatment due to wrong initial choice. Would you be able to share your advice/experience?

lillibeth86 · 28/04/2020 11:14

Sorry, just seen the post.
We are undergoing IUI ( or were before the pandemic kicked off) so i don't have any experience with frozen eggs.
Maybe someone else can help with that?

dreamingdream · 30/04/2020 17:30

I'm going to use donor sperm but I have connected with people who are using double donor, both frozen egg and sperm. There are many youtube vlogs on donor conception.

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