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Feeling it will never happen...

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emmabeebee · 17/04/2020 20:30

Hello all โ€” I am new. My name is Emma and I just turned 39 years old.

I am single, never married with no children, and I joined today as I had nowhere else to go and if I am being honest, feel so depressed ๐Ÿ˜ž

I suffer with anxiety disorder, and at the moment feeling pretty low with everything.
Since the lockdown in the uk I came to stay with my parents. I started feeling warmer then normal especially at night and with the lockdown I canโ€™t get a blood test. So I am sat feeling miserable with the anxiety that my chances of motherhood are dwindling.
I only got tested less then a year ago and it came back normal.

My ex partner of 17 years left me for another women, with who he wasted no time having a child with. I had always been career focused, and always found it hard to find a new guy.

But I now feel sad that I will never lead a normal life. I had planned to freeze 60 or more of my eggs but I have no idea when that will happen now, and worried if I am premenopausal (not confirmed) if there is any point.
I feel I have just wasted my life.

I have always been regular (in that department), with no issues. But worried as I am unable to meet anyone.

Sorry for the the moan.
I just wanted to speak to people in the same boat...


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dreamingdream · 18/04/2020 12:27

I totally empathise with the TTC community. It's tough for us.

All we have to do is wait...but how long that's the question? I'm waiting as well, it's tough but one thing we can do is boost our fertility at the mean time, that's what I am doing. I am on my weight loss journey. You can read on google about ways of boosting fertility. Hope this helps xx

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dreamingdream · 18/04/2020 20:29

I feel depressed too. First we are doing this journey solo, second we are using fertility treatment. It's emotional what we are going through. I don't know how all of us are coping in these depressing times. We, as a community, have to keep on supporting each other in this difficult time. Hopefully our dreams of having children will come true!! Smile

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