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Thinking of using a sperm donor- looking for advice

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Kendra78 · 26/01/2020 12:35

I am thinking of going down the sperm donor route. I am 41, had a miscarriage last month, was nearly 3 months pregnant. My partner said he needed to be selfish and was going to leave if o didn’t terminate and my mum felt the same.
It has made me realise how much I would actually like another child. As I was diagnosed with cancer and going through symptoms of the menopause, so didn’t actually think it was possible. But now I know it is, it has got me thinking about things.
I am still with my partner and he is adamant he doesn’t want any, and is going for the snip. We do have a very independent relationship, we’re by we both have our own lives, we don’t intend on living together and we don’t live in each other’s pockets. He mostly works away. I did tell him last night my thoughts, and although he thinks I am mad he hasn’t ran a mile (well not yet)
Any thoughts on this

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