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Lesbians looking to start IVF journey

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SGTR2K19 · 05/01/2020 13:59

Hello all,
We are a lesbian couple about to start the journey of IVF. Looking for advice / to talk to people who have been through this previously. We are hoping to do an egg swap so that we can both be involved in the process. Looking through all the information we have been sent it sure looks like a daunting process! Neither of us have any children so this would be our first! We definitely did not realise how strict some clinics would be in terms of weight, I was especially surprised to find some clinics won’t treat without a BMI of 18-25! Has anyone else experienced this? I’m not exactly the size of a house but fear I will have to lose a little “holiday” weight to be able to get started!
Any help or advice would be much appreciated.

OP posts:
DameSylvieKrin · 22/01/2020 04:04

We have two IVF babies, one pregnancy each. We wanted to do an egg swap but couldn’t; however, now we have them we don’t feel that an egg swap would have added much — inducing lactation in the non-gestational parent would have been much more significant for us for bonding. Once you know the baby I found you couldn’t care less whose genes it has and we somehow each look like both babies.
No experience with the weight issue I’m afraid but diet can be a factor in egg quality so if you are paying yourself you might want to consider that.

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