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Lesbian couple TTC with donor sperm possible pregnancy?

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Raleighx · 03/01/2020 21:43

Posted this in another section didn’t know if it was more appropriate here -

Hi all

So my fiancee and I have just started trying to conceive via IUI using donor sperm. She will be the one carrying and we had our first cycle of IUI 2 weeks ago today. She’s due AF 07/01 and is usually pretty regular so we did a clearblue early response test yesterday and it came back negative although I swear I could see a VERY faint line.

We went in to the clinic for a blood test today & it’s neither good or bad news. Basically they said her hcg level is at 25 at the minute which means it could be a possible pregnancy but it’s a VERY grey area. We’ve got to go back on Monday for a repeat blood test. They said if she was pregnant they would’ve expected it to be higher at the minute but if she is it will have doubled by Monday.

My partners going mad thinking maybe she is but there’s something wrong as it’s low? I don’t know we are completely new at this. I know she did get cramping and twitching a lot days after the procedure which I thought was a good sign.

We’re just going crazy here! Has anyone else experienced this where hcg has been in this range or dropped off/increased. Would appreciate the input either way Smile thanks!

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