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Transvaginal ultrasound in a couple of weeks. Fertility testing....surprisingly nervous

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OreoCheeseCake · 11/11/2019 14:44


I have this running in chat, but thought it might make more sense here too.

So my DW and I are wanting to increase our family (already have a teenager from previous relationship) and I've been trying to get myself pregnancy ready with diet/supplements and general fitness....mixed success with thatbut just thought at 35, I should try to increase my chances wherever I can.

Anyway, we're going to start with at home insemination, but I wanted a fertility test beforehand, as this route might be a waste of money if the results aren't good.

We're going to a private clinic and I shall be having the internal scan, followed by blood tests and then a consultation with a consultant to go through the results 🤞🤞

I was just excited when I booked, but now it's getting closer, I'm becoming increasingly nervous. Mainly about the results, but also the scan.

I have actually had a couple before for irregular bleeding and they weren't uncomfortable, but neither were smear tests for me back then, but the last 3 smears I've had, have been almost unbearable, so I'm worried my body has changed over time and so maybe I'll also find this exam painful too. I know it's a different procedure, but still.

Would be great to hear from any of you who have had the same investigations. Would really appreciate hearing any advice and experiences.


OP posts:
Persipan · 11/11/2019 18:09

I tend to find smears/anything involving a speculum quite uncomfortable, but transvaginal ultrasounds fine. Hope that helps a bit and best of luck!

OreoCheeseCake · 11/11/2019 20:42

Thanks very much @Persipan Smile

OP posts:
Robs20 · 11/11/2019 20:46

I cried my way through the first one. I’ve had around 10 over the last 6 months and honestly they are fine. Make sure they put lots of lube on the probe and tell them if it’s uncomfortable. Good luck!

K10f1 · 17/11/2019 09:12

I also find speculum exams awful (I didn’t used too but they have become painful over time) however the scans are still fine.

cansu · 17/11/2019 09:13

the transvaginal ultrasound was completely painless and nothing like a smear test.

Sabz36 · 13/12/2019 19:58

I found the transvaginal scan a non event. It wasn't painful it felt like something was there but no pain or feelings of discomfort. I was more uncomfortable that I had recently started my period and they was doing the test. But they was professional and probably seen it all

Sunshine1239 · 13/12/2019 20:01

The vaginal scan is nothing - they hardly put it in far and it’s not as thick as a pe is it anything

Non even compared to a smear 😂

IndefatigableMouse · 13/12/2019 20:03

I called it 'dildocam' back when I was having fertility treatment. I can't stand smears and am absolutely fine with transvaginal scans. You'll be fine!

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