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Low sperm quality

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Milsplus3 · 01/11/2019 13:23

Posting for a friend who recently began sperm donation at a clinic, they told him very few sperm survived the process and they are unable to continue.
Is it unlikely he will father children and if he did could the poor quality cause health problems for the child?

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Persipan · 01/11/2019 19:56

I mean, I'm sure the clinic can give him a lot more information than we can, but my understanding has always been that not everyone's sperm is suitable for freezing (I think it's like 10% of men who can donate, essentially). So if it's an issue with how his sperm tolerated the processes involved, then that doesn't necessarily indicate an issue in terms of starting his own family. But I'd definitely suggest he asks the clinic about this as I'm sure they can give him a much more specific answer!

Milsplus3 · 01/11/2019 21:17

Thanks I’ll pass on, the clinic just basically told him to move along and didn’t offer any advice or support

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