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Donating eggs to sister

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JackNamesThePlanets · 12/04/2019 11:55

My sister is 45, and her circumstances have led to her not having any children. I know she would love a child, and has recently been told her clinic has a cut off point of 45 for treatment using her own eggs. I'm 38 so a bit over the threshold for donation, but would be happy to donate my eggs to her.

I just need some advice (this is all very much at the theoretical stage so have no idea what will happen)- I am currently on the pill, and don't have periods, so would I need to come off them way before any appointments? What costs would we be looking at? Is it worth going abroad? Any info would be really helpful, thanks!

OP posts:
BabyBadger2 · 13/04/2019 09:55

What a lovely thing to do :)

I’d probably start off by going for a fertility test in the UK to check your ovarian reserve and whether you can donate. You can ask them about birth control pill then (some clinics actually advise you to take it for a period before donating, so it shouldn’t be a problem).

Going abroad can be a lot cheaper, but be aware that countries have different rules about who can have treatment and how.

If if your sister is single & will be using a sperm donor, most countries only allow you to use anonymous sperm donors. The UK, Portugal and Denmark you can use a non-anonymous donor (ie the kid can find out at 18 who the donor is)
If she’s in a relationship, some countries insist you are married.

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