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NKB88 · 21/03/2019 17:06

Hi, I posted this in conception just before but it was suggested that it might get more response here.

I'm ust after some advice/stories/hope really.

I had my LH surge this morning, detected in FMU at about 6.30AM with Clearblue Advance Dig OPK. I've called my clinic and they can't fit me in for IUI until 4.30PM tomorrow. This is 34 hours after the surge was first detected. Is 34 hours usual between surge and IUI procedure? I did another test at 1PM and my surge is already over.

Do I have any hope of conceiving this cycle? I am using frozen donor sperm which only lasts in the uterus/falopian tubes for up to 36-48 hours and the egg may only last 12. My paranoid calculations say that if i O'd 12 hours after surge i could have o'd by 6PM and the egg could have died by 6AM, way before any sperm has a chance to get there. obviously these are keeping to the minimum timings but is there any hope?

Has anyone had late IUI and still got a BFP? I'm doing natural cycle so no trigger shots or anything.

Sorry for the rambling.

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femalepresentingnipples · 21/03/2019 17:28

When I had IUI our clinic’s policy was to do the IUI the day after you got your LH surge. It tended to be a couple of hours earlier than yours is planned for but it worked for us! I read lots of studies on the best timing when we were trying and actually there were reasonable success rates right up to 56 hours after the LH surge. I suppose there must just be a huge variety in how soon after the surge people ovulate and then how long their egg/ the frozen sperm last. So I’m sure there is definitely a chance it could work.

Persipan · 21/03/2019 19:48

When do you usually ovulate, in relation to when you see your surge?

My understanding was always that washed frozen sperm would last maybe 12 hours (not 36-48), so from that point of view you don't want to be too early, either!

NKB88 · 21/03/2019 22:41

@persipan I honestly have no idea when I ovulate in relation to the surge. I've never had scans or anything and I don't measure bbt. The last time I began to surge at around 9.30am and had the procedure at about 3pm. I reckon this was too early but it was a Saturday and I had no other choice. I've read that the sperm becomes less potent after 12 hours but can still survive for a while longer.

@femalepresentingnipples. I'm hoping that I'm more an average timings kind of girl and there is still hope. I guess I'll give it a crack and we'll see how it goes anyway.

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