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Clinic you'd recommend? (IUI)

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emilyclementine · 14/11/2018 15:31

Hi, we are thinking of starting IUI next year (me and my wife) - one of the first decisions is which clinic to go to!

We live in London but are considering traveling (UK or abroad). I can compare costs, and which clinic works with which sperm banks, but was wondering aside from this if anyone had any recommendations (good or bad!)

I've heard v mixed things about the London Womens Clinic, and good things about Copenhagen... but that aside haven't found very clear info online about experiences at different clinics.

Ideally, somewhere we'd be welcomed as a same sex couple and not made to feel the conception process was all super medicalised and a 'problem' to be solved.

Would love to hear your experiences!

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Hermones1 · 18/11/2018 16:53

Have you looked into Herts & Essex Fertility Clinic?
They often have consultation evenings where they do special offers for the initial appointment. The staff there are amazing.

I went there to find out about IUI but I ended up having IVF with my wife (same sex). I'm now carrying her eggs and I'm 4 weeks pregnant.

It did cost a lot of money though and I think even IUI is quite expensive. I wouldn't advise travelling far as you will need medication and plenty of visits to the clinic find somewhere local if you can it's less stress.

Good Luck x

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Michelle5124 · 22/11/2018 14:51

Recently gone through this myself (same sex couple) we used Manchester Fertility. Must admit couldn’t fault them from start to finish. You can do 1 course of IUI or pay for 3 goes all at once but no refunds if successful on first attempt

We where extremely lucky after all my tests come back with great results, we agreed on just giving it the one try for now, due to funding...... We now have a successful pregnancy after our first IUI. Two extremely lucky ladies

Feel free to message me if you want to ask anything

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