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tnorfotkcab · 06/11/2018 11:19

My husband is infertile. we went to GP to get tests, he got referred, not producing sperm - confirmed by London hospital. Went back to GP, eventually got referred to clinic in a hospital (after being bounced back and forth). We had many blood tests to see if i could be eligible for IVF. I am eligible. Got referred to Bourn Hall from hospital.
Bourn Hall asked for funding...

Spoke to consultant, who said they can't apply for funding as the hospital is outside of my CCG - they said I had to ask GPO to apply.

Spoke to GP, who had no fucking clue. I chased, filled in forms... they sent of the request for funding. .... more radio silence. So I ring the GP and they were useless and can only arrange a telephone appointment in 8 days time.
So I ring the CCG directly who said "oh, yeah we had an email, but can't accept the funding request from the GP, has to come form the hospital "secondary care" as they hold all the test results etc. Nobody had been in touch to say this. They hadn't contacted the GP, nor me!

So, I spoke to the hospital and asked that the consultant fill in the forms and asked to be phoned back. Nothing. Ring again today. Spoke to the secretary who said "Oh yes, we asked her, but she said she can't fill in the form you have to go back to your GP"
When I said "My GP already asked, and the CCG says it has to come from the hospital"
"there;s not much we can do, the GP has to fill it in"
"No, The secondary care fills it in... the CCG confirmed this. I don;t see why she can't fill in the form"
"well... I suppose can you post the form in. There's not much we can do"
"I have an electronic copy, let me email it, then it's done"
"we don't have email"
"So what shall i do?"
"You could drop it in or post it"
"if I drop it in, that means I have to take annual leave, please can i please just email it to you?"
"we don't have email. You could post it?"

FOR FUCK SAKE! So I will post the fucking form which is freely available online GRRRRRRRRRR

Then I will have to fucking chase the consultant to see if the form has been filled in and sent off. (Which no doubt the secretary will not receive it/lose it)

I'm livid about this whole thing. Being shoved from pillar to post, chasing everything. Why the fuck the consultant thinks the GP has to do this is beyond me, they don't hold the test results!

I have no idea how to proceed to get this moving forward, We werwe referred by the hospital in the middle of July to Bourn Hall, who have now said they will not chase this up any more....

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