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TTC - Single and fertility issues

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ItNeedsMoreGlitter · 29/06/2018 16:16

Hi All,

I guess I’m looking for a bit of support and advice. I’m 37, single and planning to have a baby alone. I have really good support from family and friends and am financially secure with a good job.

The problem is 3 years ago I started this journey and had 2 failed IUIs and one cancelled IVF cycle. After the IVF my doctor ‘doscovers’ that I have poly cystic ovaries and this is what was causing my poor response to the treatment. Even on a highly aggressive IVF cycle I only produced 1 follicle so the egg collection was cancelled the morning it was planned. After this I had ovarian drilling, laparoscopy and generally rooting around to see if there were any additional problems. All clear apparently and I should be pregnant within 6 months. Met someone was with him for a year and a half ... not even so much as a late period!

So now I’ve finally managed to save enough to start again and I guess I’m hoping to hear positive stories and happy endings. And also advice on how to deal with my new clinic/doctor as I’ve switched clinics.

Wasn't overly impressed with the bedside manner in the other clinic nor the standard of care. They kept telling me that my poor responses physical responses were somehow my fault and that I mustn’t be telling them everything or hiding stuff from them. Which is pretty hard to hear when all chances of a family are slipping away each time ... and you’ve handed over €25,000 too!!

Wow that was really long and rambly!

OP posts:
UrgentExitRequired · 05/07/2018 09:40

Sorry that your cycles weren't successful, but sending lots of positivity your way. I don't have experience with IVF as I had my baby via a donor. Are you in the UK? Have you joined any groups with women in your situation or who have been through it?

ItNeedsMoreGlitter · 05/07/2018 12:52

Congratulations on your baby! Thank you so much for your kindness wishes and positivity. I’m in Ireland actually. That’s a good idea, I’ll locate a group and hat with ladies who’ve been through it already. Thank you!

OP posts:
Niki11 · 28/07/2018 16:34

Hi love if you need a help wit egg donor feel free ask I want become an egg donor so really happy help you xx

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