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Cytoplasmic transfer (3-parent-babies)

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SuzieBergman123 · 12/11/2017 13:59

Hi all, I am 45. Been TTC for the last 4 years. Have had 4 miscarriages (natural conception) as well as two failed IVF PGS procedures. Chromosomal abnormalities. DH has been tested and he is in a good shape – I am the problem. Bad old eggs. Sad, I must admit. I am considering trying another round of IVF PGS. I have read about donor cytoplasmic transfer – or what the press calls: 3-parent-babies. They take the protein/embryo from DH and I - and inject it into the mitochondria of a donor egg. So if successful – the baby may have 5-15 per cent DNA of the donor egg – but the rest is us. It is not available in the EU – but available in the following 3 clinics:

The BBC has covered the story – so I reckon it’s a matter of time before it becomes available here:

Has anyone tried cytoplasmic transfer or considered trying it? Looking for thoughts, guidance and personal experiences....Thank you!

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JoJoSM2 · 13/11/2017 12:36

I’ve never heard of it before but an interesting concept so place marking.

SuzieBergman123 · 13/11/2017 20:43

Hi JoJoSM2, Sorry to sound square - but what is "place marking"?

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