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Bevva123 · 31/07/2017 22:57

Hi guys I'm new to this so basically I've come off my pill on the 28th mid packet I'm currently having my withdrawal bleed which is rather light..., more there when I wipe at the moment.
How long can it take to conceive. I have no idea with it all and I need home help Smile

OP posts:
Cutesbabasmummy · 01/08/2017 07:20

Hi this had a thread for people conceiving with IVF and donor egg or sperm. Maybe post on the general conception thread? X

DanielleDKEA · 02/08/2017 12:56

Hey guys im really new to this today in fact lol...!! I was just wondering for some help i already have 4 kids so you would think i no.. any how... im usually on like clock work 26 day cycle but im actually late today is the 3rd day ive done tests and all negative... i have really sore boobs which i get when im due on but the thing is there really itchy which ibe only ever had when ive been pregnant my appetite is slightly off but i have no discharge what so ever which is odd because i get it really bad when im pregnant and a fair bit when im due on but im pretty much dry?! Byt my period pains come and go and can be really extreme to really mild?? Any one else had this. And what happened? Thanks girls!! XoConfused

DanielleDKEA · 02/08/2017 12:56

Sorry girls think ive posted on the wrong thread x

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