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BFN after donor egg IVF

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Vdara27024 · 28/09/2016 07:19

I underwent IVF at Reprofit (5 day transfer on one hatching blastoma) on Sunday 18th and told my testing date was to be 2 weeks later on sunday 1st October.
I have been using Progynova and Utrogestan as instructed. I have thankfully not had any cramps or bleeding (2 unsuccessful IVFs last year with own eggs and bled 5 days later).
I was so sure it has worked this time and yesterday after reading that there should be enough hcg 9 days post 5 day transfer I (know I shouldn't have) did a clear blue test and it was negative.
I am distraught, I thought as I hadn't bled or cramped it would be positive.
Could it still be too early? Or if it has failed why have I not bled yet? Could the hormones be preventing bleed from loss?
Any advice is much appreciated.

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CatsCantFlyFast · 28/09/2016 07:21

9dp5dt is the equivalent of 14dpo so it shouldn't be too early. However there are stories of people not testing positive until later, and it's the reason your clinic don't want you to test until later. Fingers crossed for you

Vdara27024 · 28/09/2016 07:24

Thank you

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drinkyourmilk · 28/09/2016 07:26

It could absolutely be too early. I got a bfp 2 days before test date, a friend didn't until her actual test date. Both got negatives beforehand.
Ivf is a mindfuck all the way. You've still got 4 days. Hang on till then if you can Flowers

BlueKarou · 29/09/2016 16:28

Don't give up hope; I tested early after my IVF and would have thought the first was a BFN, it was so faint.

Try to resist doing another test until your test day. Also, if you can, get a First Response Early Result test as well as whatever your clinic gave you - I found that was the only test that gave me a clear result, everything else was very faint.


user1468929072 · 02/10/2016 14:37

I am sorry. Wish you all the best

greenleaf23 · 02/03/2017 14:02

sorry for being late to this post. I just wanted to ask how are you now? What has been changed since your last post? Did you get pregnant? Were your experiences in vain? We also started the de conception and I'm so afraid of having bfn.

ShaunTgirl · 05/03/2017 18:56

Hi greenleaf23, thanks for asking.
My September fresh transfer was a definite BFN.
I had my 1st FET in November which sadly also failed. We had 2 frozen embryos left and had them implanted just over 2 weeks ago. I was put also on prednisone and aspirin and had been feeling positive as tender boobs and no cramping/bleeding during 2WW. I couldn't last till ODD yesterday & tested on Friday night and so sad another BPN. I was really sure it had worked this time. I am still taking all meds until attend GP tomorrow for blood tests. Keeping a wee candle lit in my heart my home test might have been wrong but not holding out. I still am not even spotting/cramping but know meds can stop all of that.
Where about's are you right now re DEs?

ShaunTgirl · 05/03/2017 19:16

Greenleaf23, I'd forgotten we'd chatted on DE page so you already j ew where I was 2 weeks ago!

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