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Help! Fertility Clinics?

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Alessia205 · 25/07/2016 13:03

A fertility clinic in the UK or Ireland? We're from London, but we don't mind traveling to another country if it increases our chances of having a child.

OP posts:
fabulous01 · 25/07/2016 13:09

If abroad go to serum in Athens. Fabulous clinic. Got my much wanted twins there.

Latenightreader · 29/07/2016 00:02

I like knowing my clinic is near at hand so I can get there when I need to. I can take minimal time off, and if I need to speak to them at short notice, I can. I had to go back for an extra blood test after the initial consultation, and it was all very handy having them so close (I'm in Manchester). I think that having a clinic abroad would make me more anxious, it being more of a hassel to get there in a hurry. I expect it is different for everyone though...

SpottieOttie · 02/08/2016 20:55

We are using CREATE. They have a London base but regional offices too. We chose them because they offer mild/natrual IVF and my wife has polycystic overies (sp?) which means more chance of reacting to the drugs with hyperstimulation (sp?!) so less drugs was good for us. They have been pretty good so far, been for an open day with a 10 min consultation, and then a proper consultation and scan/tests/mot type thing, and are starting our first IVF cycle next month.. .exciting...will let you know how the clinic is as we go along, but so far, no real complaints. We looked round a couple of others and felt the most comofrtable in terms of same sex accessibility with create too. Others were not discriminatory in any way, but just all the forms were very him/her and you have to keep explaining yourself and asking different questions etc, it felt more like they were expecting us at create and less uphill in that way. I know this isnt really relevant to you but we were looking for this sort of info and reading this type of thread so thought Id post all our experience so far! x
Good luck on your journey

menchos · 04/08/2016 08:23

Has someone had experience with Ukrainian clinics? I've been told that there are a number of good ones.

scoobyloobyloo · 04/08/2016 08:31

I used ARGC in London - some of the best results world wide. I live 5 hrs from it so moved there for 5 weeks for the treatment.

My 5 week old is snoozing next to me :)

Good luck.

miamiaMo · 10/08/2016 12:15

Myself I know few successful stories from Gdansk/Poland

Tes01 · 13/08/2016 20:34

Hi all,

I'm looking into using donor sperm through IVF at a clinic in London possibly Boston Place? Has anyone got any advice on using this clinic or where I should go to get the sperm donor.



goinggrey1978 · 18/08/2016 17:17

London woman's clinic in Harley street is fantastic as i'm currently 22 weeks pregnant, brilliant care throughout and there are paid parking spaces in and around the clinic too!!
i had to use donor eggs and donor sperm for my treatment, the London sperm bank is just underneath the London woman's clinic and there's lots of choice too!

Bugsylugs · 18/08/2016 17:23

Difficult choices possibly depends on treatment you need whether regular IVF, or ICSI or donors whether primary or secondary infertility etc within England can look at HFEA for rates you can find facts and figures beware outside EU due to various reasons. Very hard journey what works for one may not work for another and really you need to compare like with like. Good luck

ncayley115 · 25/08/2016 15:25

IVI Alicante x

Lambzig · 10/09/2016 17:13

Instituto Marques in Barcelona are amazing with fantastic results. They have a satellite clinic in London so you only have to fly over for the actual egg collection and transfer.

Previously, we had had seven failed IVF attempts at other clinics and DD and DS are the result of our first and second attempts at IM. I have suggested there to so many friends/friends of friends and they have all been successful too.

anametouse · 10/09/2016 17:20

Reprofit, Brno, Czech Republic

user1468929072 · 10/09/2016 20:03

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caflynn696 · 28/09/2016 17:15

My partner and I are from Norway and we're looking for a clinic to have a baby. We don't mind traveling to another country if the clinic is really good.

Blocksta74 · 29/09/2016 09:38

Reprofit, Brno in Czech good ! Highly recommend

greenleaf23 · 02/03/2017 14:08

hi, I want to share my experience. We've failed 4 cycles of ivf with my own eggs. The doctor advised us to undergo the de conception. I thought it would be a bad idea but one accident has changed my mind. A friend of my husband told that she also had use de conception. And now she is a happy mother.
After times of consideration, we decided why not? And here we are, we signed a contract with one clinic, not in England, because of reasons we live in Germany and that's forbidden there. we found a clinic in Ukraine. I can't say much about this country because we visited it only one time, but everything seemed to be nice.

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