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Patients/ families all seem very stressed!

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ElTingo · 30/08/2023 22:57

Just an observation in the last year or so that ( in paediatrics) I am finding many families are coming into our services (acute speciailst medical care) already very stressed and defensive and almost angry towards HCPs, which is a change from previous ( my almost 20y of experience). These are often children who have been fit and well before/ no long waits and we are used to seeing trauma response and relationships being strained at the end of long hospital stays/ of errors occur, but seeing this at the very start is more unusual.

I'm interested to know if others are experiencing similar.

A few things I think are feeding into this:

State of NHS services generally - underfunded
Post pandemic - society has changed
Cost of living - financial stress
Social media - lots of comparison and expectations/ polarised opinions

It's like many of us have raised the baseline stress we are under and it doesn't take much to raise it to crisis point.

Arthere e any reasons others feel are contributing to this?

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