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Training to be a phlebotomist

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Jackydaytona · 24/07/2023 13:10

Hello πŸ‘‹

I've been keen to do this for some time and I think the time is now 😊

I'm 50, have worked in the nhs (admin side) and in a care home years ago.

I'm struggling to find any info on training and wonder if the private courses advertised are a) worth it and b) recognised by the nhs?

Any guidance would be really appreciated πŸ™

OP posts:
barofsoap · 24/07/2023 13:15

I don't know about the courses but most people I know learnt on the job (whatever the job was - doctor / nurse / paramedic / HCA etc etc ). If you apply for a job as a phlebotomist they will train you - that is just the start, experience of lots of veins is what really makes the difference in the end

Jackydaytona · 24/07/2023 13:21

Thank you.
So you can apply without any experience?

OP posts:
CC4712 · 24/07/2023 13:23

I found the below link, which says that training is on the job. The benefit of the private courses depends on a number of things. Sometimes, they are theory only, and if lucky, you might get to practice on a plastic arm or each other.

I 'think' the majority of on site training would require you to have the theory, practice on a plastic arm, but also watch X amount from a trained person, and you yourself have to complete X amount before doing it on your own. The private courses often wont have the hands on option to practice. Could you ring/or go to the phlebotomy department at the place you work and ask them what their requirements are?

Training, development and registration (blood sciences) | Health Careers

Training, development and registration (blood sciences)

Training and development Your training depends on your level of entry. Healthcare science associate or assistant Phlebotomist NHS Practitioner Training Programme NHS Scientist Training Programme Healthcare science associate or assistant Once in post, a...

Lougle · 24/07/2023 13:30

It's a band 2 job in my Trust. All training on the job.

Lougle · 24/07/2023 13:31

To give you an example, as a nurse, cannulation and phlebotomy was a 3 hour course, then we were given a booklet to have 10 of each supervised and signed off before we could do it independently.

barofsoap · 24/07/2023 13:33

Jackydaytona · 24/07/2023 13:21

Thank you.
So you can apply without any experience?

Yes you can - as others mention the courses are probably theory, you need to be on the job to get the experience

Jackydaytona · 24/07/2023 13:47

Thank you all x

OP posts:
SnarfleThree · 24/07/2023 13:51

God I love that word!

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