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Recently separated. What help is there for me?

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Tash1984 · 01/05/2019 20:06

My husband left me 3 weeks ago and says he doesn't love me anymore so no chance of getting back together. I have 2 children a 14 and 10 year old. I work 30 hours a week and rent my property. What help is there for me? I'm so alone and scared and have no where to turn. Please any advice would be great. He hasn't stopped his money yet but I know he will soon. I have to get my finances in order because I have no idea about any of this. I love him and hate the thought of me being a single parent. Please help me

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Shouldbedoing · 01/05/2019 20:11

Go on entitled to find out about benefits. It used to be tax credits and housing benefit but now it's universal credit so get your claim in pronto. Make sure you get the single adult council tax too - 25% deducted.

Tash1984 · 01/05/2019 20:16

Thank you I will look in to it x

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Dropthedeaddonkey · 01/05/2019 20:20

Look at child maintenance calculator too - assuming they are his children he can’t just stop paying. Gingerbread is a charity for single parents and may have a local group. Open your own bank account if you don’t already have one for the benefits to be paid into.

Itsallchange · 01/05/2019 20:39

You may also get help with your rent and council tax but the benefits calculators tell you all this. UC takes 5 weeks from claim to first payment so get your claim in quickly, you may have to have a meeting at your job centre so make sure you’ve got your house in order ie taken his name off rent if he’s on it, take his name off council tax. They can also do a interim payment that you have to pay back if your struggling and he does stop the money out of the blue! X take care and make sure you have lots of support around you x

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