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East Mids

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sunnyblueskies · 19/02/2019 13:29

Hi there,

Can anyone tell me the current timescales for Nisi? I sent mine off on 30th Nov and it went to the judge last Thursday. I have rung every day (eager yes!) to get updates. I keep getting told different things. Some say 24 hour turn around and then I just had this one woman who was so rude and said it’s 4 months. FOUR MONTHS!!! That seems utter ridiculous!!
Can anybody shed any light?

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ThunderThighs123 · 05/03/2019 22:21

I sent mine off at the end of November and have just received notification of the date set for decree hearing. Letter was dated 1st Feb!

I did an internet search while waiting and wondering. It said E Mids. is currently about 5 weeks behind schedule.

It’s a case of waiting patiently, I’m afraid!

sunnyblueskies · 05/03/2019 22:56

Oh wow TT that worries me as mine was sent off end of Nov and I’ve had nothing back. But then I was told it didn’t go to the judge until 14th Feb.

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ThunderThighs123 · 06/03/2019 04:03

Mine went before the judge late January.

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