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Pet rabbits

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nannytothequeen · 06/02/2019 00:50

When my ex buggered off to be with his OW he tried to curry favour with the kids by buying them pet rabbits. Two years down the line the kids are with me far more than they are with him and the rabbits have become very fearful because they are not handled enough. The ex is now saying to the kids that he is going to get rid of them and because no one wants them, he will have them put down. He has just bough a house with the OW and it has no lawn so clearly the rabbits don't suit any more. The kids are upset by this, obviously. They are not hugely attached to the rabbits but I think there is deep guilt about them not being there to handle and socialise the rabbits. I am horrified by this situation - these rabbits could have had a happy life somewhere else and instead they have been effectively neglected and this is no way for animals to be treated. I now live in my own house, a place In the middle 9f town in an old residential neighbourhood. This means that my garden is very small, but it is a real garden with a little lawn and flower and vege beds and is very well fenced. I have the 15 year old family dog with me - my ex has never even asked about her despite the fuss he made when I said she was staying with me. I also have two young cats that me and the kids adore. I don't really want the rabbits as they are an extra tie and responsibility but my conscience is very troubled . They need completely retaming, but I know I'd be able to do this over time. What shall I do? I am very upset at the thought of these little bunnies being killed because my ex is a thoughtless arse.

OP posts:
supergrains · 06/02/2019 15:45

I would think - not my circus etc and not get involved.
Sorry if that seems heartless but you're not responsible at all for this problem.
You might get more advice if you post this in the pet section, but be warned it might get heated!

mug2018 · 08/02/2019 22:11

Speak to someone at Pets At Home ... they will take them & re home them

Itsnotme123 · 10/02/2019 08:53

2 carrots, one large onion, jug of water. Lightly brown the flesh before popping in the Vegs into water into casserole dish, slow cook gas mark 5 for 2.5 hours. Delicious!

FamilyOfAliens · 10/02/2019 08:55

Did that make you feel clever, @Itsnotme123?

Itsnotme123 · 10/02/2019 08:56

I forgot the seasoning to taste !

FamilyOfAliens · 10/02/2019 09:01

OP, are you on good enough terms to offer to have them? Is he likely to take that as criticism? Or ask you to pay what he paid for them?

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