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Custody question - how does it work in school holidays?

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StarlightSparkle · 19/01/2019 21:29

Just wondering whether if your Ex has the DC say 2 nights a week, does that still apply in school holidays? Or would they be split differently, ie 50-50? If the term time arrangement applies to holiday time too, do people have to come to an agreement if one parent wants to take them on holiday, swapping days around, etc?

OP posts:
xzcvbnm · 20/01/2019 00:07

It depends on what you both want and arrange.

If it went to a child arrangements hearing, I believe that typically both parents get half of school holidays if it's requested.

Tinkeytonkoldfruit · 20/01/2019 00:51

We have my DPs EOW & one night a week in term time and then split school holidays 50/50. Works out just under 1/3 of the year that they're with us. I think whatever works for you but I think it is beneficial to share the load of school holidays.

Tinkeytonkoldfruit · 20/01/2019 00:52

*my DP'S children

WetWipesGoInTheBin · 20/01/2019 15:57


Most people I know do half the longer holidays and alternate full weeks at half-term so the children can be taken on holiday/away to see extended family with each parent.

Others stick to the term time arrangement then have to agree over taking the children on holidays for a week or longer. The first arrangement is a lot easier on everyone for this reason as it avoids arguements, either parent being controlling and it is clearer for the children involved.

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