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Divorced but no financial agreement t

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ChiaraRimini · 08/01/2019 12:09

My XH divorced me. It took months to get him to complete a Form E and when he did the info was out of date and he never supplied the updated info.
He then got the decree absolute without applying for a consent order.
We have sold the house and split the proceeds amicably. I got 60+% of the equity. There are no other assets except pensions which are worth about the same.
Is there any point in trying to get a consent order now to rubber stamp what we have already done. I appreciate we should have got one before selling the house but he is crap at paperwork and I lost the will to live with it all.

OP posts:
newstart18 · 14/01/2019 23:40

hi, im in process of getting financial order, like you divorce came thru in August, and in same month the 1st financial order was rejected by the judge due to what was deemed, unfair imbalance between my exs large pension and my tiny pension. I had already told my solicitor I didnt want any of it and he said it might be rejected but nothing more before submission. Since then I can now afford to buy my ex out of the house( he still lives here, horrible experience) and new financial order being redrafted again to try get it thru the court, meanwhile spending stupid money on solicitors. in saying that I would rather have the order done so he cant come back in a few years if house prices rise saying he wants more cash out of it, Im over paying for it anyway but if i dont he cant move on and I need him to move on.

tisonlymeagain · 15/01/2019 11:48

I would still get the consent order so you have it all down in writing and sealed. Our absolute came through in December but our consent order is still waiting to be approved by the judge.

FaithFrank · 15/01/2019 11:59

Yes, the point of getting the order would be so that neither of you has any financial claim on the other in the future.

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