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Mediation - don't want to but have to

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Onwardsandupdwards · 20/12/2018 19:34


Have name changed as I do regularly as I've been outed before.

My STBXH and I have gone from originally amicable when he moved out in April this year to toxic / no communication as of August.

I am trying to play everything by the book, using solicitor for divorce, submitted claim to CMS for maintenance and keeping communication minimal and only through email.

Tonight, I have heard from my DD that she has spent the night with a family member that I have expressly requested her not to stay at (for valid reasons).

This was his only night to have his daughter this week and instead he's palmed her off to a relation who (potentially) can't be trusted.

I want to get a prohibited steps order in place to stop this happening again - if he told me he couldn't have her, I would have.

Before I can request any type of court order, I need to prove that we've tried meditation so I've emailed this evening requesting mediation but I really don't want to have to be in the same room as him.

I'm hoping he will refuse so I can just go ahead with the court request and show that I've tried but this is just another step in this exhausting, ridiculous situation that I find myself in.

Anyone got any experience / words of wisdom?

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TheOrigRightsofwomen · 07/01/2019 21:13

The courts need you to show that you have either tried mediation or are exempt from it. Aside from the time delay and cost I do actually think it's a good idea, as it just keep a lot of cases out of court or at least make the process more smooth.

You have to attend a MIAM (google it). If the mediator accepts mediation isn't suitable they will sign the exemption form.

The courts will look more favourably on you if it looks like you're putting your child first ie trying to come to an agreement with the father.

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