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Self-representing final hearing

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vdanci31 · 17/12/2018 14:26

Hi there - please can anyone help me? I am SIP in very acrimonious divorce. Final hearing is in March. I am currently sending open offers to his solicitor in order to prevent marital home to be sold (me and kids live there). I am also sending the solicitor emails about what to do with his post etc, important documents.

He is ignoring me completely. Today I called and the secretary told me my husband will not allow his solicitor to speak to me at all.

Is this allowed? What do I do now? I am sending reasonable offers to settle and sort things out.

Many many thanks, to anyone who replies!

OP posts:
mumof3boy · 17/12/2018 16:33

Hi, I had to reply even if this might not be of much use to you!

I can't imagine that its acceptable that his solicitor isn't allowed to talk to you, how on earth does your ex propose settlement if he's putting up such barriers??

I have my FDR hearing tomorrow and Self Representing also. I would put money on our case going to a final hearing. When was your FDR?

Where does EX live? Mine is still refusing to move out of the family home. Two years in March....

Hope you get some sensible answers xx

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