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Feeling strange

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FishesThatFly · 05/12/2018 21:19

Ex left June 17 for OW. I have the children and he has them EOW and sees ds2 midweek for a couple of hours.

When he first left l would keep him talking for ages - because l wanted to speak/have contact with him and also to piss OW off

Now, however.... l really can't be bothered to even look at him, let alone speak to him. I practically closed the door in his face when he left.

I dislike him for how he has treated the boys this last year but l don't actively hate him. I just feel completely indifferent towards him.

Not sure what the point of my post is really. I just never thought I'd feel/not feel like this towards him.

I suppose it's just me getting over him and moving on??

OP posts:
Mumshappy · 05/12/2018 21:23

You should be proud. Its a good feeling to be this way. Indifference is great he will have picked up on this too.

diskdrive · 05/12/2018 22:20

@FishesThatFly Sounds like you have entered the next phase! Well done and go you! I agree with @Mumshappy - he will have definitely noticed!

Weirdly this has kind of echoed how I have been feeling this week. STBXH left for OW in August. I had kind of gone the other way and cut him off as much as I possibly could, although have also been coping with my dad being seriously ill too. I had to see him for pretty much the first time yesterday to discuss the children and I just feel like I can't even be bothered being angry with him anymore. I felt very little and in no way felt like I wanted him back. The type of OW he has chosen has seriously made him much less attractive to me. There were slight feelings of vague fondness and sadness that he ended it in such a shitty way after 20 years and a frustration about how low the children have been on his priorities but really I just felt a bit sorry for him. A weak man who couldn't recognise a mid-life crisis and is now living away from our amazing children and having little input into their lives.

I hope this feeling continues for you and it's the start of a new, positive and happy phase in your life.

I saw a fb post somewhere saying 'the best revenge is to fall back in love with your own life' which seems to sum it up well!

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