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Undisclosed assets

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hellozzz · 16/11/2018 18:11

Need some advise.
Divorce finalized went to court for financial settlement. Awarded 65% of the proceeds of the house in return for not touching pension contribution of Ex.
Have just found additional pension statement of 30k (total of 140k disclosed).
I think this would have changed the value of the split to 70/30 in my favour. The 5% equates to a difference of £12k.
What options are open to me.

OP posts:
Alpacanorange · 17/11/2018 00:51

Move on with your life and be happy. I mean this kindly, let the hurt go and look forward to fun times.

Weenurse · 17/11/2018 01:01

If you go after it, you could lose a lot in legal fees and court costs.
Just think and believe in karma and move on. 💐

JoyceTempleSavage · 17/11/2018 06:42

Ask your solicitor if it’s worth pursuing. At that level it may or may not be.

And if you’re not yet a pension age it will cost you money now for money you can’t touch until later and when you do 75% of it will be taxable

Thebluedog · 17/11/2018 06:45

Speak to a solicitor but 30k in pension funds isnt worth much In real money so you could be on a hiding to nothing. Personally I’d just walk away and not give him any more of your time and effort of no dc are involved.

Tattybear16 · 17/11/2018 06:51

Move on with your life, don’t give him another thought. Karma will be a bitch. £12k may sound a lot now, but in the scheme of things it really isn’t that much, your solicitors fees will take a healthy chunk out of it should you wish to pursue him for the money.

Count your blessing you got rid, a lot of women would give their back teeth and a kidney to be in your position.

MissedTheBoatAgain · 19/11/2018 02:53

£12k will soon be swallowed in legal costs if you try to re-open the case. You may get costs awarded in your favour if it can be demonstrated that ex deliberately withheld the value of the pension, but it's a big gamble for the extra you think you might receive.

Forget and move on.

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